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We Are M.A.T.S.O.L.

Welcome to the library of Freemasonry

Albert H McClelland

Albert H. McClelland

Wherever you are in the world and connected to the internet you will be able to receive our presentations seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, all at NO FEE via this website.

We have created the world's first exclusive Masonic Video Library, for the Masonic Craft and other interested parties.

We are committed to provide factually intelligent presentations predicated upon the Subject of Masonry and Freemasonry throughout the World.
The authors/intendors of the content in this library maintain intellectual ownership of the contents each has provided. Duplication of this content in any form is forbidden without written consent from the respective author/intendor.

It is felt as the printed word is available for most students, that video presentations in High Definition or Blue Ray formats truly reflect the authors delivery in a live spoken venue. 

The availability is unique and free to the World and offered in perpetuity.
Our energies are directed not only to the craft, but to the Master Masons of the future.  All having a place to seek answers; “In whom do you place your trust" and “What come you here to do?”  As a project of available note worthy presentations that should make his journey toward that place not made with hands, eternal in the heavens' as  forever principled. 

Firm in the Faith of the Fraternity
Albert H. McClelland, PM, O.S.M.

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