The Gift of Irish Freemasonry - Bob Bashford


 Brother Bashford joined the Masonic Order in 1977, became a Master Mason in 1978 and
  served as Master of his Mother Lodge- Moyarget No 280 in 1990. He was
  appointed Richard Robinson Memorial Lecturer in The Masonic Province
  of Antrim in 1992 and 2004. In 1996 he was appointed Grand Master's personal
  Standard Bearer by Most Wor Bro Darwin Templeton G.M.In 2000 he became
  the Millenium Master of The Irish Lodge of Research and in 2001, went on to
  be Excellent King of The Irish Chapter of Research No 222. He is the current
  Editor of The Irish Lodge of Research  ( since 1992. ) and The Irish Chapter of
  Research ( since 1996. ). He was appointed Representitive of THe Grand Lodge
  of Portugal at the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 2006 ( a ten year appointment )
  giving him the courtesey title of Right Wor Brother.
  He has been active in the Research field of Masonic Reserarch from the mid 1980's
  presenting his first paper in 1984. His work for the Lodge was acknowledged in
  2009 with the presentation of the Lodge of Research - Jewel of Merit, for his work
  in Masonic Research. In recent years he has spoken at Lodge Hope Kurrachi and
  The Manchester Association of Masonic Research, on top of a heavy schedule of
  Lodge presentations throughout Ireland.
  In October 2010, he received an invitation to act as an Intender in the 2011 Grand
  Lodge of Indiana presentations cycle ( on Saturday the 8th January 2011 at 8.00
  pm Indiana time ).
 He is currently setting up a dedicated website at