Freemasons & the Greek War of Independence - Andreas C. Rizopoulos

Andreas C. Rizopoulos, is a retired journalist and communications consultant.

He is Full Member of Quatuor Coronati No. 2076, the Premier Lodge of Research under the United Grand Lodge of England and Fellow of the Scottish Rite Research Society. He belongs to Panathenean No. 146 Lodge in Greece (founder and Past Master) and was Founder-Steward of Internet Lodge No. 9659 in England. He also belongs to the Scottish Rite in Greece and to the Holy Royal Arch, Mark (Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer), and Royal Ark Mariner (Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank) in England. For the past twenty years he has been Grand Representative of two USA Grand Lodges at the Grand Lodge of Greece.

He has authored three books on Freemasonry [Philhellenes and Greek Freemasons in 1821,  Greek Masonic Handbook  and Freemasonry in the Ionians] and many historical articles published in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Heredom, the Greek Masonic magazine Pythagoras, the Turkish Masonic magazine Mimar Sinan, and even general literary and historical magazines and has delivered more than a hundred papers in Lodges and general Masonic meetings. He has also published three books and several articles and presented many papers in international medical congresses on the history of Medicine as well as articles on literary subjects, communication, and aviation. Finally he has published three novels, poetry, and a book on literary history and has translated many books into Greek.